Resources for Parents of HWS Students



(No task is too great when done together by all)

Parents are essential members of the HWS community and we encourage their involvement in the school.

Parent Involvement

Parent involvement is critical to Waldorf Education; we believe a strong relationship between home and school is essential for your child’s success at HWS. Studies have shown that children with engaged parents thrive more in every aspect: academically, socially and personally. Additionally, we recognize that all parents accompany their children on the Waldorf educational journey as we all work together to manifest our vision of the best possible education for our children. We encourage our parents to take every opportunity to participate in the education of their children.

HWS Parent Council

The HWS Parent Council was created to capitalize on the talent, expertise, experience and goodwill of the parent body. Our goals are to be of service to the school by:

  • Supporting HWS in realizing its guiding principles and objectives
  • Initiating and leading activities promoting the social and economic health of HWS
  • Establishing strong, unifying and constructive bonds between parents and HWS
  • Providing a supportive network for prospective and new parents
  • Assisting students in making successful transitions to life beyond HWS

The Parent Council hopes to reflect the diversity of the world-wide parent community. 

Members of the Council

  • Julenne Mounts, President
  • Yasuko Schlather, Vice President
  • Agna Pang, Secretary
  • April  Crane, Treasurer
Parent Portal

Current parents can access this part of our website to view and download important information and documents. This section requires a username and password that you will have received from us. If you have any problems accessing the parental portal, please contact the Advancement Office at 808-878-2511.

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Social Media

You can follow HWS on social media. Connect with your children and the school through Facebook and Vimeo.