'Apapane and I'iwi Preschool

The 'Apapane preschool serves ages 2 1/2 to 4. Three and five day programs are offered from 8:30 am to 2:30 pm. Children ages 2 1/2  (by June 1st)  up to 4 years old are eligable to enter the program. All children should be weaned and potty trained.

Children develop the capacity for creative thinking, problem-solving and social interaction through their free imaginative play.

The equipment provided at HWS is simple and made of beautiful, natural materials, so that a child’s imagination can be stimulated. For example, a length of silk fabric may become the king’s cape, a tent for travelers, or a tablecloth for tea.

Celebration and rhythm are also important aspects of the young child’s daily experience. Each day’s activities include creative play, morning circle (including socializing games and rhythmical activities developing coordination and balance), and storytelling time.

The yearly rhythm of festivals and holidays provides many important celebrations in the preschool enriching the early childhood experience and creating a bridge from home to school. 

For more information, please follow this link to our admissions page.