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The Parade of Whales 2015 was entered this year by Ryan Anderson in collaboration with Haleakala Waldorf School and Ryan's new program, Marenje Maui. Ryan fielded a diverse team of students from grades 6-8 and various adult helpers from the community. HWS middle school students helped create a whale trash sculpture during painting periods. Students were led through musical parade parts on Brazilian percussion instruments donated by Marenje Marimba, Ryan's East Coast band. See www.marenjemarimba.org for more information.


All of this creativity hit the streets the morning of the parade and our multi generational group marched with a float, a marching band, puppeteers, superheroes and mermaids. As our crew maneuvered down the streets, we heard the applause from the crowd and we even made the front page of the Maui News! (www.mauinews.com)


Our group was the recipient of this year's MOST CREATIVE award. Please congratulate the middle schoolers on a job well done. 


If you would like to know more about Marenje Maui or participate in future events, please contact Ryan directly at marenjemaui@gmail.com


Our High School is in its second year!

HWS proudly acknowledges a time of growth as we make our principles and values real and tangible!  Our school was started in 1972 with four teachers and 50 students, down in Wailuku Union Church.  In 1976 we were fortunate enough to obtain the lease to our current site out of 300 applicants.  We look back and commemorate the efforts of our founding parents, board members, and teachers.  They made a leap of faith that has resulted in the beautiful and strong school we have today.  We look back to our history, to the philosophical underpinnings of the Waldorf method, to the mana of Haleakala, and to our own values.  What strengths do we want to carry forward to the next 40 years?  With the opening of our Waldorf high school last fall, we have already made a long standing wish come true! Applications are being accepted for grades 9, 10 & 11 for 2014-2015; and for all grades for 2015-16. Please click on the "high school" section at left to find out more.

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Philanthropy is a key ingredient for excellence in education at Haleakala Waldorf School.

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