Tuition Assistance

We are committed to helping families afford this choice.

HWS recognizes that financing an independent school education may be a challenge for some families. We are committed to helping families afford this choice. HWS has a limited amount of financial assistance which is granted on the basis of need. Although the number of families with demonstrated need ordinarily exceeds our limited budget, we attempt to help as many families as possible.

Tuition Assistance Applications for returning students starting Fall 2021-22 are due February 22, 2021, for first-round consideration.

Please apply online through School and Student Services , SSS by NAIS at

or click logo below.

SSS School Code for Haleakala Waldorf School: 3645


To be eligible for Tuition Assistance, families must meet the following requirements:

  • Families must demonstrate financial need by completing the application procedures described below and have students enrolled at Haleakala Waldorf School (HWS).
  • HWS accounts must be in good-standing (tuition, after school care, lunches, library fees, etc.).
  • Must be Ineligible for other assistance programs via the State of Hawaii, the County of Maui, or as a benefit through an employer or college. See page 2 for details and resources.


Complete the following steps by February 22, 2021:

  1. Complete the Parent Financial Statement (PFS)

    Go to the School and Student Services (SSS) web site: Follow the links to apply and be sure to enter the HWS school code: 3645​
  2. Pay the SSS processing fee

    Payment can be submitted with your PFS online or include a check or money order payable to SSS by mail.

Submit supporting documents to SSS

The following documents are required with each application and for each parent/guardian:

  • ​2020 Federal Income Tax Return (IRS Form 1040), signed copy,  including schedules and forms
  • 2020 W2(s) (if applicable)
  • 2020 Federal Business Income Tax Return(s), signed copy, including schedules and forms (in the case of self employment activity)


Upload the supporting documents using the "Manage Documents" tab on the SSS web site. This feature is secure and user friendly.  Your documents will need to be in electronic format or scanned to use this option. Application and tax documents are to be submitted directly to SSS for processing. Please do not submit to HWS.

By Mail

Print the SSS Cover Sheet from your online PFS and mail with required supporting documents to:

SSS by NAIS PO Box 449 Randolph, MA 02368-0449

Important note:

If parents are separated or divorced, each parent must complete all of the steps above.

If you have questions or need assistance completing your PFS or submitting your documents to SSS, contact the Customer Service Center for Parents: 800-344-8328 (Mon-Fri: 9am - 11am. Sat: 9am - 4pm. Beginning April 1, 2021: Mon-Fri: 9am - 7pm. Sat: Closed)

SSS Website for Families:


  • Questions regarding the Tuition Assistance procedures or status of an award are directed to our HWS Business Office 808.878.2511, extension 12.
  • Parents are encouraged to communicate with the Tuition Assistance Committee c/o the HWS Business Office should the family no longer experience as great a need as they did at the time of TA application. In this way, funds may be available and awarded to families with greater need.

Refer to the Enrollment and Tuition Assistance 2021-22 Calendar for important due dates.

Policy Statement

We are committed to helping families afford their choice of Haleakalā Waldorf School (HWS) education.

Tuition Assistance (TA) funds are limited and vary year to year based on the available funds, the demonstrated need of the applying families, the overall need of all applicants, and the date of submission of the TA application.

TA applications received after February 22, 2021, are ineligible for maximum awards, regardless of need. TA applications will receive consideration only after receipt of all TA application documents. See Procedure section for details.

Tuition is the primary responsibility of families and extended families of our students. Families with the good fortune of funding from grandparents, non-custodial parents, or friends willing to assist with funding tuition, should not apply for TA to ensure that students without such resources have access to our limited tuition assistance funds.

Tuition assistance is awarded to families by Haleakalā Waldorf School. SSS by NAIS provides a confidential data analysis service to the HWS Tuition Assistance Committee and is not a funding agency.

An appeal for additional TA may be made in writing and should include clarifying statements, a description of additional funds needed, and supporting documents to evidence further need. TA appeals should be addressed to the Tuition Assistance Committee and submitted to the HWS Finance Director.

Students may be eligible for HWS Tuition Assistance if they do not meet the eligibility due to age for
funding through other assistance programs via the State of Hawaii, Department of Human Services (DHS), the County of Maui, or qualify for Maui Family services or some colleges, and who otherwise don't have a benefit through an employer nor the resource of family members or friends. The DHS agencies are Arbor Child Care Connections and Preschool Open Doors Program (POD). Based on eligibility, other options are AluLike Native Hawaiian Child Care Assistance Project and Pauahi Keiki Scholars Program.

For additional information, open enrollment period, and telephone numbers of funding agencies, go to: PATCH for Families: or call PATCH at 1-800-746-5620.

Please note the following:

  • Late applicants are ineligible for maximum awards, regardless of need.
  • Financial aid decisions are made independently of the admissions process.
  • Award amounts may vary from year to year, depending on the total aid available, the overall need of all applicants, and the date of submission of the application.
  • Only applications that have been thoroughly completed will be processed.

Outside Funding Sources

There are several outside sources for tuition assistance.

Please follow this link to learn about the Pauahi Keki Scholars Scholarship Program -This is for students ages 3 and 4.

Please follow this link to learn about the Kipona Scholarship Program - This is for students entering grades K, 6, or 9.

To learn about more tuition assistance options, please contact