Meet Our 2023-24 Board of Trustees

Top Row: David Taylor, Jason Ward, Sarah Martins, Sharon Mielbrecht, Michael Keeney
Bottom Row: Brian Heustis, Dave Futch, Shannon Rusnak, Alyse Parker, Jemma della Croce, Maka Palmore, Carrie Fidance

As a nonprofit organization, HWS is governed by a Board of Trustees. The chief responsibilities of the Board of Trustees are to establish, safeguard and perpetuate the mission and values of the school; to hire, support, evaluate, and if necessary, terminate the Administrative Director; and to ensure effective financial management, appropriate policies and procedures, compliance with applicable laws and regulations, and sound risk management policies. The Board further supports the school’s viability and growth through future-focused strategic planning. The day- to-day operations of the School are led by the Administrative Director.

The Board committees include: Advancement, Campus Development, Finance, Governance, and Hui Aloha.