Vision & Mission Statements


Vision Statement

Haleakala Waldorf School (“HWS” or the “School”) is a Maui-based learning community of students, teachers, families, alumni, and friends--a community that practices the enlightened principles set forth by Rudolf Steiner. We honor the natural rhythms of human development, and we believe that learning is a fundamental and lifelong human mission. We acknowledge and support our role as a school in the worldwide Waldorf movement.

We provide a rich curriculum through artistic and creative experiences. We teach our students to love learning, to express their innate creativity, to live with reverence for life, to serve as self-directed, engaged members of the greater community, and to thrive in the global 21st century. Our graduates cultivate peace, foster communication, and encourage tolerance. They are engaged in the advancement of the arts, the sciences, and the well-being of the planet. They are a powerful force for good because they are confident in meeting the world with passion and vision. They have learned not only to ask "Why?" - but also to ask, "Why not?"

We live with reverence for our place on Haleakala, for Maui, for Hawai'i, and for the planet Earth. We honor the Hawaiian culture and strive to maintain the blessing of our connection with the soul spirit of Hawai'i. With the goal of promoting a sustainable future, we identify and develop opportunities for our students to become socially and environmentally responsible citizens. We support environmentally sound actions both on our campus and in our greater community. We strive to reflect and serve an awareness of the earth's ecosystems, the earth's resources, and the attending issues of global social justice. 

The greater community supports our work by contributing generously to our educational and financial capacity. We operate responsibly with abundant financial resources with transparency, clear priorities, and with objectives and management protocols. As a result, we are able to provide the greater community with transforming learning opportunities and global citizens. We dedicate ourselves every day to building community with the goal of making the world a better place.

Value Statement

In the spirit of aloha, with a foundation in goodness, beauty, and truth, we strive towards the noble in our purpose and actions.

Mission Statement

HWS develops each unique individual’s fullest human potential by educating their mind, body, and soul through an arts based, academically rigorous and experiential curriculum.