What is a Waldorf High School?

Waldorf schools form the fastest growing independent school system in the world with over 1,000 schools internationally. Haleakalā Waldorf High School’s curriculum offers rigorous challenges in math, the sciences, literature, and the humanities. Our students are introduced to the greatest and best of cultural achievement. They study the great ideas that shaped civilizations, experience the beauty of the great theorems of mathematics, feel the transformative power of the arts, and explore the wonder of the natural world in science.

Each student is on a unique journey as Haleakalā Waldorf High School endeavors to educate the entire human being—mind, body, and spirit. Students are encouraged to be well-rounded, to become reflective thinkers, to be able to work in a variety of disciplines, to unlock imagination, and to cultivate creativity. Waldorf education is a rebirth of Renaissance ideals in modern form.

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Explore, Investigate... Be Inspired

The goal of Haleakalā Waldorf High School is to graduate balanced, well-rounded, compassionate individuals who are up standers not bystanders and who are ready to make a difference in the world. An education that inspires, transforms,and provides a basis upon which to live one’s life is worth pursuing.

Become part of Haleakalā Waldorf High School’s community of learners! Our aim is to sharpen your understanding of our vast and complex world, broaden your capacity to thrive with other human beings, and strengthen your ability to translate thoughts and plans into action. At Haleakalā Waldorf High School, you will build capacities for focus, self-awareness, intellectual skills, and confidence, as well as the ethical conviction to dare to act freely, pursue your dreams, and bring your own individuality into the world. 

The Waldorf approach to learning is hands-on and interdisciplinary. At Haleakalā Waldorf High School, collaboration is a daily experience, and you spend considerable time applying classroom-based concepts to real-world applications. When studying trigonometry, you survey the campus and surrounding area; in physics, you build the circuitry that allows a computer to add numbers; in geometry, you draft architectural drawings and in creative writing, you add your own original scenes to famous plays. The program is highly engaging,  and you are encouraged to learn for learning’s sake and to experience the joy of learning with like-minded classmates.

Check out this video to find out why our students think Haleakalā Waldorf High School is such a special place and the best possible fit for them: