Volunteering with HWS

The excellence of the education your child receives at HWS today is due, in large part, to many hours of parental volunteer work. To continue this quality education for your child, your volunteer support is needed. Every family is an important shareholder in this unique community that nurtures our children. Your participation is essential in making a difference! We count on HWS parents, alumni and friends to lend a hand as volunteers. The needs are many and the opportunities are limitless. Share your time, talents and passions! Please contact our HWS Parent Volunteer Coordinator to share your ideas!

Some of the many benefits of volunteering and being an involved parent are: 
  1. An Enriched Waldorf Experience. The richness and diversity of knowledge and resources that each parent brings is an important part of the Waldorf experience. Our School is more than just academics — it is our community, our 'ohana! We value each member of our community for their unique perspective and contribution to the whole.
  2. Making a Difference. This is your school and your input through volunteer work makes a tremendous difference in achieving our goals as well as your goals for your child.
  3. Affordable Tuition. Support school fundraising through the following activities: Annual Fund, Holiday Faire, donations, campus beautification, administrative support and foundation grants. Volunteers in these areas are essential. We expect each family to voluntarily participate in school activities to the best of their abilities.