Elementary School: Grades 1-5

At Haleakalā Waldorf school the class teacher stays with the class for several years progressing through the elementary and middle grades with the children. HWS has adopted a dual-track rhythm with one teacher leading the class through elementary school (grades 1-5) and then a new teacher leading the class through middle school in grades 6-8. 

This continuity enables a deep understanding of each student's strengths and challenges and supports the development of a rich social dynamic in the class. When a Waldorf teacher meets his or her first-grade class, it is the beginning of a remarkable journey. The class teacher is responsible for the main lessons, and through them, introduces the entire panorama of the elementary school curriculum. 

Each day every student is greeted with an eye-to-eye handshake by their teacher.The class teacher is also able to bring continuity to the curriculum, unifying the various disciplines over the years, and seeking the best means to connect the curriculum to each unique child. 

Our campus offers an idyllic, garden-like environment with grassy play areas. The opportunity for children of different ages to play and interact in peaceful and healthy ways is encouraged. 

The Elementary School Curriculum includes:

  • English and Language Arts based on world literature, myths, and legends
  • History that is chronological and inclusive of the world's great civilizations
  • Science that surveys geography, astronomy, meteorology, physical and life sciences
  • Mathematics that develops competence in arithmetic, geometry, and algebra  
  • Foreign Languages - Grades 1-5 have Japanese and Spanish twice weekly, grades 6- 8 have Spanish    
  • Hawaiiana including hula, chant, ethnobotany, culture, language and crafts
  • Physical Education three times weekly
  • Gardening - Grades 1-5 spend several hours in the garden weekly
  • Music - Choral singing meets twice weekly. Recorder is played in each grade twice weekly. Ukulele is practiced twice weekly in the middle school
  • Painting and Applied Art  - Each class enjoys painting twice weekly. Additionally, the students are exposed to sculpture, pencil sketching, chalk and charcoal media
  • Drama - Each class performs at least one play per year for the student body. Students recite poetry and play recorder at student assemblies
  • Handwork - This class meets twice per week. Students engage in activities such as knitting, crochet, sewing, and felting
  • Festival and Seasonal Celebrations

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