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Founded in 1972, Haleakalā Waldorf School was the first Waldorf School to receive a triple crown of accreditation from the Western Association of Schools and Colleges, the Association of Waldorf Schools of North American, and the Hawai'i Association of Independent Schools. Haleakalā Waldorf School is located on two campuses: the early childhood classes and grades 1-8 are on the Kealahou campus in Upcountry Kula, Maui. The Kaluanui High School campus is located on the beautiful grounds of the Hui No’eau Visual Arts Center, in Upcountry Makawao, Maui.

The host Hawaiian culture thrives at Haleakalā Waldorf School, with its students versed in ancient chants and protocol, as well as beloved songs of the islands. Festivals are strong, communal events, with experienced trained teachers leading the way. Families often build their lives around the activities of the school, socializing together as well as contributing to their children’s education.

Haleakalā Waldorf School is an Equal Opportunity Employer and welcomes, values, and supports racial, religious, economic, and cultural diversity. Our school seeks a diverse faculty and student body and is committed to having our school reflect the abundant and changing diversity of the United States. We welcome, value, and support single, dual, or multiple parent households and LGBTQ parents, faculty, and/or students.

HWS offers full-time employees a generous compensation package that includes a competitive salary; medical, dental, drug, and vision coverage; a retirement plan; a tuition remission program; and a professional development program.

Employees in part-time positions enjoy a competitive salary, medical, dental, drug, and vision coverage, and a retirement plan as per eligibility.

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