Middle School

The Waldorf Middle School is a dynamic place filled with the energy of engaged and enthusiatic students.

The curriculum achieves an integrated balance between the sciences, the humanities, and the arts as it leads the child through the basic branches of knowledge through the main lesson system.

As part of their Language Arts curriculum, eighth graders write, illustrate and bind a story book for a first grade student.  The opportunity to consider a younger child with this thoughtfulness is rarely provided to adolescent children.

The main lesson is a two hour period at the beginning of each day saturated in one subject area for three to four weeks at a time. This continuity allows for each subject to be approached with greater depth utilizing all modalities of learning. During main lesson the students create their own text books, expressing the subject matter in writing and illustration. This process allows for true understanding and retention of the lesson.

In addition to the class teacher, the Middle School Student is supported in Math and Language Arts track classes as well as special subject classes in foreign language, Physical Education, Music, Fine Arts, Hawaiiana, Gardening, and Handcrafts.