Cultural Sensitivity Orientation

Cultural sensitivity raises awareness of the nuances of cross-culture communication, and the
importance of words, actions, gestures and body language in cultivating relationships with
different people and groups. At Haleakalā Waldorf School, we hope to foster a community
where everyone feels safe, where trust is present, and where mistakes are learning
opportunities. Our school is committed to creating an environment of belonging and
inclusiveness with a feeling of acceptance, growing roots, nourishing connections, and a
sense of reciprocal giving and receiving. These are all fundamental aspects of our school

Our goal is to nourish the two roots of our school by reflecting and honoring the sense of
place and root culture of our island home here in Hawai’i in addition to our values as a
Waldorf school. We hope that this orientation will help support new members of our
community as well as established members with insights into learning how to live with respect
and understanding for the history, culture, and customs of Hawai’i, the culture of our school,
and how to graciously engage with the complex and beautiful community here. Please
forgive us if we unintentionally offend or omit anything. We hope that this orientation is
received in the spirit of aloha and grace.

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