Lower School Curriculum

The Elementary School Curriculum includes:

  • English and Language Arts based on world literature, myths, and legends
  • History that is chronological and inclusive of the world's great civilizations
  • Science that surveys geography, astronomy, meteorology, physical and life sciences
  • Mathematics that develops competence in arithmetic, geometry, and algebra  
  • Foreign Languages - Grades 1-5 have Japanese and Spanish twice weekly, grades 6- 8 have Spanish    
  • Hawaiiana including hula, chant, ethnobotany, culture, language and crafts
  • Physical Education three times weekly
  • Gardening - Grades 1-5 spend several hours in the garden weekly
  • Music - Choral singing meets twice weekly. Recorder is played in each grade twice weekly. Ukulele is practiced twice weekly in the middle school
  • Eurythmy - Grades 1-8. The study of Eurythmy develops concentration, spatial orientation and dexterityand engages students in the study of enhanced rhythms of speech and music as experienced and interpreted through the whole body
  • Painting and Applied Art  - Each class enjoys painting twice weekly. Additionally, the students are exposed to sculpture, pencil sketching, chalk and charcoal media
  • Drama - Each class performs at least one play per year for the student body. Students recite poetry and play recorder at student assemblies
  • Handwork - This class meets twice per week. Students engage in activities such as knitting, crochet, sewing, and felting
  • Festival and Seasonal Celebrations

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