HWS Wildfire Fund Holomua Scholarship

Announcing Haleakalā Waldorf School’s Holomua Scholarship — 4 full scholarships will be awarded to Maui community for grade 9 level students!

As a way of offering kōkua and support to the community of Maui impacted by bythe recent wildfires, Haleakalā Waldorf School is opening up 4 full scholarships for middle and high school students who would like to join their vibrant learning community through the Holomua Scholarship.  The scholarships begin in the fall of 2023, and will be valid until each scholarship recipient graduates from 12th grade.

Families are encouraged to apply as soon as possible. Scholarships will be awarded based upon a statement of intention, letters of recommendation, and teacher evaluations with priority given to students impacted by the recent wildfires, those born in Hawai’i, families with multi-generational connections to Hawai’i, and financial need. 

In a time in which there is a rise of isolation, divisiveness and polarization locally and internationally, the Waldorf method focuses on the essential core values and interpersonal relationship skills that transcend geography and connect all of humanity. In developing these capacities, the Waldorf mission is in alignment with the fundamental values of aloha we are blessed with here in Hawai’i.

“Ma ka hana ka ‘ike” (learning by doing) is at the core of HWS’s approach to education. The   curriculum is focused on creating hands-on and artistic learning opportunities in every subject area. Reverence for the world, and a recognition of beauty, truth and what is essentially good, form the foundation of learning. With a deep understanding of child development, subjects are presented to recognize, awaken, and nurture the full extent of human capacities within each unique child. 

“Pili ana apau” (everything is interconnected). Waldorf schools are also particularly focused on building social consciousness in students. Waldorf schools assist students, in a fundamental way, to understand the relationship and interconnectedness of all of humanity and the earth.  Rudolf Steiner (the founder of Waldorf education) shared a verse that embodies the Waldorf commitment to social ethics that reads:

“The Healing Social Life is found, when, in the mirror of each human soul, the whole community finds its reflection. And when, in the community, the virtue of each one is living.”

“Holomua” (moving forward with high purpose) is the desired outcome for Waldorf graduates. Not only are Waldorf students prepared to take on the challenges of college or professional careers, they are guided to become human beings who take real interest in the world and in other people. They see and bring out the best in others, they share and collaborate and contribute in meaningful ways, and they have the courage to become the change they want to see in the world. This outcome is at the heart of the mission of Haleakalā Waldorf School.

To take advantage of this unique opportunity and for more information, please contact the school at 808-878-2511 or visit www.waldorfmaui.org to learn more about the school’s programs.

Scholarship applications are being accepted on a rolling basis. Apply as soon as possible!