Lower School

In a Waldorf school, the class teacher ideally stays with the class for eight years—leading his or her class through each day's morning lesson from first through eighth grade.   

This continuity enables a deep understanding of each student's strengths and challenges and supports the development of a rich social dynamic in the class. When a Waldorf teacher meets his or her first grade class it is the beginning of a remarkable eight year journey. The class teacher is responsible for the main lessons, and through them, introduces the entire panorama of the elementary school curriculum. 

Each day every student is greeted with an eye-to-eye handshake by their teacher.The class teacher is also able to bring continuity to the curriculum, unifying the various disciplines over the years and seeking the best means to connect the curriculum to each unique child. Our campus offers a garden-like environment with grassy play areas. 

The opportunity for children of different ages to play and interact in peaceful and healthy ways is encouraged.