Enrollment Procedures

Once the Admissions process is complete...

Upon acceptance, your family will receive an enrollment packet containing all the necessary forms and information required to enroll your child(ren). Before your child’s first day of school, the following requirements must be met:

  • All required enrollment forms must be completed and submitted to the office by the deadlines listed in the acceptance letter.
  • Completed Health Record (DOE Form 14), indicating a current physical examination and all immunizations required by the state of Hawaii have been met or a signed statement from child’s doctor that the child is in the process of completing them. HWS follows state law in relation to vaccines.  You can find detailed information about school health requirements on the State of Hawai'i's website
  • Proof of a negative (Mantoux) TB test, recorded in millimeters, within one year of entrance into school in the state of Hawaii. No child will be admitted to school without such proof.
  • Tuition deposit and TRP (tuition refund plan) payments have been made.